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The social and environmental impact of The Only Jane is of great importance to me. Where there are opportunities to use more sustainable materials, I take them. To me, responsible manufacturing means always choosing the option that's better for people and the planet. Here are some things to know about The Only Jane:


The Ecru Denim version of Jump One is made from upcycled fabric. This fabric, which I found at a supplier for leftover yardage in Los Angeles, is made of 40% BCI certified cotton. It is also raw, which means it hasn't been washed, treated, or dyed by the mill or by me.

Orders placed online will be shipped in a box made of post-consumer material. This box can be recycled or reused.

Packaging is intentionally minimal. No hangtags or tissue paper are included in order shipments. When possible, orders are wrapped in a reusable canvas tote bag. My poly bags, which are designed to keep orders protected during shipping if and when a tote bag is not available, are made of recycled plastic and can be recycled again. 

All of the paper goods included in order shipments are made of 80% FCS certified post consumer material.

The Only Jane is manufactured in Los Angeles at factories that comply with California's labor laws and COVID-19 safety regulations, and that adhere to the state's strict guidelines for water usage and disposal.


Jump One is not a perfect product. It is a fine start. I promise to continue to do more as the company grows slowly.

Sincerely, Jane