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Jump One

Vogue calls it "our favorite jumpsuit." The one that gets it together is back this summer in all the best colors.

Jump One | Ecru Denim


Jump One | French Blue


Jump One | Denim


Jump One | Midnight


Meet Jane

I'm not the only Jane, of course, but I am the only Jane designing jumpsuits and denim-wear at my home in Los Angeles, where I live with my husband and our kids, Georgia and Walter. 

Before launching The Only Jane, I was a fashion editor at Vogue, T Magazine, and Travel + Leisure. I was also the co-founder and creative director of, a style site about everything denim. As a mom and small business owner, I believe there is real value in the joy and comfort that highly functional clothing can bring us – always, but especially right now. My goal is that a jumpsuit, jacket, or pair of jeans from me will make you feel good and ready to do what you – and only you – can do.

I'm personally replying to all questions, comments, and greetings. To get in touch, send me an email using the Contact link above, or DM me directly  @TheOnlyJaneCo. I love hearing from you.

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